Mini NVR 4 Canale Full HD Network Video Recorder 1080P/960P/720P Onvif HDMI SATA USB


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Mini NVR 4 Canale Full HD Network Video Recorder 1080P/960P/720P Onvif HDMI SATA USB

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* Suporta 4 Canale 1080P ONVIF

* Compatibil cu 99% din camerele de luat vederi ONVIF IP existente

* Zoom digital pentru previzualizare și modul de redare

* Căutare, redare, backup de eveniment

* Redare 4 Canale simultan

* Aplicatie gratuita
   (1) 4CH mini NVR
    (1) Alimentator priza 220v - 12v
(1) Manualul de utilizare

SAE3000-N1004F SAE3000-N1008F
Procesor principal
HI3520D HI3520D
Sistem de operare LINUX încorporat
Resursele sistemului Funcția Pentaplex: live, înregistrare, redare, copiere de rezervă și acces la distanță
Interfață de operare cu meniuri grafice cu grafică reală de 16 biți
Standarde video PAL 625 linee, 50 f / s; NTSC 525 linie, 60 f / s
Compresie Video H.264
Supraveghere de calitate VGA - HD, HDMI: FULL HD

Intrare video (IP)

4 * 1080P / 8 * 960P / 8 * D1 8 * 1080P / 12 * 960P / 8 * 720P
Înregistrare video 1080P / 960P / 720P / D1
Detectarea miscarii
Ieșire video 1ch VGA, 1ch HDMI
Interfață de rețea 1 port RJ45 10M / 100M auto-adaptiv Ethernet
Interfața USB 2 * USB 2.0
Hard Disk 1 * port SATA (maximum 8TB / per) 3,5 "HDD
Alimentare DC12V / 2A (dacă utilizați mai mult de 2tb hdd, vă rugăm să schimbați alimentatorul cu unul 12V 4A)
Consum <15 W (fără HDD)
Temperatură -20 ℃ -55 ℃
Umiditate 10% -90%
Presiunea atmosferică 86kpa-106kpa
Dimensiune 200mm (lungime) * 200mm (lățime) * 42mm (înălțime)
Greutate 0,41 kg (aproximativ)
Greutate pachet 0.75kg (aproximativ)


Multiple Language

Support more than 20 Language, Chinese, English,Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Turkish, Japanese, Turkish, Romanian, Indonesian and Etc.......



Function Display
HuaWei Hass Chip is very good quality Chip in the world, This chip can work many years never get any problem. Now have more than 90% DVR use the HuaWei Hass Chip in the world.
(Note: When you see the Chip of DVR isn't Hass Chip, And it's XM Chip, Please don't  panic, XM is agents of HuaWei , So used their own model to replace the Hass model).
6-HDMI 19201080P Output


Advanced Motion Detection Recording

The motion detection recording function:when motion is detected the DVR will save the footage into hard disk without missing any important events. You can even ensure that false alarms are avoided by setting the motion detection "mask"to block areas with constant movement.

Note:Our DVR Motion Detection Function only Support the following Brand of IP Camera:

As: XM, Dahua, Safer, HIVT, Part of HIKVISION. And if your IP Camera is other Brand, Can't used the Motion Detection Function with Our DVR. ( Please note before when you buying)



Please note: SMTP Server only support these Email Box:126,163,gmail,sina,139,156,qq format, And the recipient can set up 5 vaild mail.

Mail Testing: Test message sent success(It's OK)

Mail Testing: Failed to connect to server.(It's failure)



This Network Video Recorder Support ONVIF protocol, It's can compatible with our own brand of the network video products, but also compatible with other brand of the network video products for Onvif, It can implement multiple devices connected to each other, mutual communication.

(Note: We recommend that when you buying the Network video recorder, also buying the IP Camera from our store, Because they have perfect private agreement between them and docking, it can fully display products all of the functions. If you have buying the IP Camera from other manufacturers, then connect to our network video recorder  through ONVIF, however,you will find that some function of  the IP Camera can't work normaly,, such as: motion detecting Or audio and video are not synchronized and so on;  Why? Because ONVIF protocol cann't be compatible with all functions; Please note that before you buying.)ONVIF



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Mini NVR 4 Canale Full HD Network Video Recorder 1080P/960P/720P Onvif HDMI SATA USB

Mini NVR 4 Canale Full HD Network Video Recorder 1080P/960P/720P Onvif HDMI SATA USB

Mini NVR 4 Canale Full HD Network Video Recorder 1080P/960P/720P Onvif HDMI SATA USB

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